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Old fashioned S010
My main interests are: computer science, electronics, programming and everything that has something to do with these things. But I'm not restricted to tech-stuff only. I'm also interested in culture (in all this word's broad sense) and everything new, that I haven't yet seen/met/experienced. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll find something interesting or useful here.

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31337, 80's, 80's pop music, achivement, aliens, all_your_base_are_belong_to_us, altruism, anime, assembler, baldur's gate, big cities, c, casual, clean and simple, coding, comfort, compact art, complex things, computer games, computer history, computers, computers in movies, conspiracy, cozy, cracking, creating, cultures of the world, digital electronics, discovery channel, eating with chopsticks, electronics, end of the world, engrish, epic, fallout, fallout 2, fighting videogames, finding flaws, flawless, for no particular reason, fun, future, fyodor dvinyatin kvn team, georgia, good commercials, grim fandango, hatred for insects, history, how stuff works, humor, i can has cheezburger, image boards, internet, internet memes, it, j-pop, j-rock, j-whatever, jagged alliance 2, japan, junk food, just for fun, knowledge, kvn, life, little big adventure 2, lol*, lolcats, lord of the rings, lulz, machines, making computer games, making things perfect, mars, martial arts, meaning of life, music, mysteries, national geographic channel, new, observing the surrounding world, old, old computers, operating systems, pen spinning, perfect, physics, pixel art, porn, programming, quiet, research, reverse engineering, russia, science, screenshots, search, secrets, sex, silence, simple pleasures of life, singing in shower, slacking, sleeping, snickers, solitude, somebody_set_up_us_the_bomb, soundtracks, space, staying up late, stupid jokes, super heros, systems, technology, time travel, understanding, universe, unix, unknown, urban, userpics, vh1, victoly!!, vintage, vintage computers, vintage machines, watchin_a_game_having_a_bud, women


образование, политика, кино, компьютеры, техника, лытдыбр

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